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Question: What is the SAT?
Answer: The SAT is the country's most widely used college admissions test. It's a test that covers reading, writing and math. (Science is not included in the SAT.)

Question: Why do I need to take the SAT?
Answer: It's one of the main items a college uses to understand and get to know you better. It tests what you should already know.

Question: When should I take the SAT?
Answer: You should start taking the SAT during your junior year in high school. You can take the SAT as many times as you want so you can bring up your scores. The last time you can take it before applications are due is in December of your senior year of high school.

Question: Do I need to study for the SAT?
Answer: YES! You must take the time to study outside of school. You absolutely must. You may buy or check out an SAT prep book from the library. You can also sign up for SAT questions of the day on and on
These sites all offer free help! If you or your parents have the money available, you may also sign up for SAT prep classes; they usually cost between $300-$500 for all the courses.

Question: How long is the SAT?
Answer: The test itself takes about four hours. It contains ten sections. Here's a breakdown of the sections:
Section 1: 25-minute essay
Sections 2-7: 25-minute section of either reading or math
Sections 8-9: 20-minute section. One on math and one in reading.
Section 10: 10-minute math section
*You will have three 5-minute breaks.

Question: What do I need to bring to the test?
Answer: State-issued ID, several sharpened number 2 pencils, acceptable calculator, backup calculator, sharpner, acceptable watch and snacks (that you may only eat during break time)

Question: How do I know if I qualify for a fee waiver?
Answer: If you are eligible and filled out the form for free and reduced lunch, you can see your school counselor for fee waivers. (The SAT I costs over $40 for each time you take it.)

Questions: Where do I register for the test?
Answer: At this website:

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Colleges usually accept both SAT and/or ACT scores, but you should still check if your college will accept ACT scores. The ACT is different from the SAT because it does not have an essay section, but it does have a science portion to the test.

Visit ACT's website for more information.